Juan L. Sánchez

Música Cosmopolita/Cosmopolitan Music P.O. Box 51482 Pacific Grove, CA 93950, USA

A much-needed makeover

Juan show curtainSo after 15 years of doing shows for children and grown-ups all over the place, I finally came to terms with the fact that I have never paid that much attention to the way my shows looked and the kind of props that can really enhance the performance. Thankfully, about a year ago, I met one of the most talented and generous man ever: Jim Dultz. An Amazing cartoonist, 20 year veteran of the muppet show and creator of countless sets for theater and school plays.
I shared with jim my desire to enhance my performances with some kind of a visual component, and immediately he offered to design a backdrop/curtain and all the needed props for the new show. I was hesitant at first, but after seeing his design and the final product I am convinced that my audiences will love it! What do you think? I will update all of you here of his progress and post pictures of the final product. I am EXCITED!!!!

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