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A magical night in Oakland


girlwithdrumOn July 30  I performed my last show of the 2013 Summer Reading Series at the Dimond Branch of the Oakland Public Libraries. I knew I had performed a few years back, but I honestly didn’t quite remember where it was or what the makeup of the audience was like.

10 minutes before the show started, it was clear to me that it was going to be a truly special night. As the doors to the community room opened (which was on a 2nd floor), a group of about twenty kids of all ages and all cultures rushed up the stairs, promptly followed by their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles … as they entered the room, they started pointing at all the instruments, and my new stage curtain (courtesy of Jim Dultz and Paige Browse!) and saying things like “Wow!” ,” Cool!” and “Check it out!”.

The show itself was nothing but spectacular … kids and grown-ups singing along, dancing, wiggling and participating with rare enthusiasm … an amazing treat for any performer! Every song was embraced and celebrated, chanted and enjoyed with immense enthusiasm … and as I wrapped up the prescribed 45 minutes of multilingual sing-alongs (with chicken hats and all) I realized that this is what is all about: families and children together celebrating diversity … having a great a time and learning from each other, while participating in a music-filled night … perfection!

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